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<txp:search_result_excerpt />

The search_result_excerpt tag is a single tag that will show the occurrence of the search term with some surrounding context.


Tag will accept the following attributes (case-sensitive):

break="tag" Deprecated v4.7.0
Trailing string.
Default: (ellipsis).
HTML tag to be used for search term matches in excerpt text, without brackets.
Default: strong.
Maximum number of search match excerpts per search result.
Default: 5.
separator="tag" v4.7.0+
Trailing string.
Default: (ellipsis).


Example 1: Display up to 15 search excerpts with a search results form

        <txp:title />
    <txp:search_result_excerpt hilight="p" limit="15" /> |
        <txp:permlink />
    | <txp:posted />

Other tags used: permlink, posted, title.


Version 4.7.0

break attribute deprecated in favour of separator.

Version 4.0.6

break attribute added.

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