Textpattern brand and voice

The project uses these resources for all its platforms and associated content. We ask you to consider using these resources too when writing your own blog articles, speaking at conferences, giving work/client presentations, or any other scenario where you’re communicating to audiences about Textpattern CMS.

On this page:


Learn about Textpattern’s primary audiences and how to design information products for them.



Learn about the elements that make up the Textpattern brand and how to use them.


Building the next Textpattern fan site? Learn how to use Textpattern’s brand harmoniously without misrepresenting project identity.

  • Visual brand identity [todo]


Resources and how to use them.

  • Textpattern logo [todo:link]


Learn how to write and design information that’s consistent, clear, and professionally representable.



  • Administration UI guidelines [todo]
  • Web presentation guidelines [todo]

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