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<txp:title />

The title tag is a single tag which is used to return the title of the article being displayed. It is usually used in an ‘article’ type form.


Tag will accept the following attributes (case-sensitive):

Control widows and overrule ‘widows’ setting in the Preferences panel.
Values: 0 allow the last word in the title to appear on its own line, i.e. the title content is rendered unchanged, 1 ensure the last word is not left on its own line - Textpattern inserts an invisible code (a non-breaking space) between the last two words.
Default: as set in the Preferences panel.


Example 1: Display an article title

    <txp:title />
    <txp:author /> at <txp:posted />
<txp:body />

Shows the current article title as the page heading, a few other pieces of information such as the article’s author and posted date, then the article body itself.

Other tags used: author, posted, body.

Example 2: Display a hyperlinked title

    <txp:title />

Wraps a permanent link to the current article around its title.

Other tags used: permlink.

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