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Popup comments



<txp:popup_comments />

The popup_comments tag can be used as a single tag or a container tag. This tag opens a new page using the popup_comments form template as a container if you have set ‘Comments mode’ to ‘popup window’ in your Preferences panel (instead of displaying comments directly on the article page itself).


Tag will accept the following attributes (case-sensitive) as well as the global attributes :

form="form name"
Use specified form template to show comments within the popup_comments form template.
Default: comments_display.


Example 1: A popup_comments form template

<!DOCTYPE html>
    <meta charset="utf-8">
        <txp:page_title />
    <meta name="generator" content="Textpattern CMS">
    <meta name="viewport" content="width=device-width, initial-scale=1, shrink-to-fit=no">
    <meta name="robots" content="noindex, follow">
    <txp:css format="link" media="" />
<body class="popup-page">
    <div class="container">
        <txp:popup_comments />

Other tags used: css, page_title.


Version 4.6.0

Can be used as a container tag.

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