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<txp:page_title />

The page_title tag is a single tag that displays title text depending on the context it is used. Its primary purpose is for outputting information suitable for the HTML <title> tag.

Results appear as follows:

  • Article list: Your site name.
  • Articles by category: Category title | Your site name.
  • Search results page: Search results: Search term | Your site name.
  • Single article page: Article name | Your site name.
  • Comments display: Comments on: Article name.

Page numbers are included in paginated pages (e.g. search results extending to >1 page).


Tag will accept the following attributes (case-sensitive):

The character sequence you want between each piece of information.
Default: | (a pipe).


Example 1: Show page titles with custom separator

    <txp:page_title separator=" &raquo; " />


Version 4.7.0

separator attribute changed to a pipe (was colon).

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