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Site slogan



<txp:site_slogan />

The site_slogan is a single tag which is used to output the site’s tagline (labeled as ‘Site slogan’ in the Preferences panel).

The slogan is a brief (255 characters maximum) tagline or description of your site which can be used, for example, in XML feeds or site browser headers.


This tag has no attributes of its own. It accepts only the global attributes .


Example 1: General display of slogan

    <txp:site_slogan />

Example 2: Slogan as content filler

The slogan could be used for the content attribute of the description metadata element. Either whole…

<meta name="description" content="<txp:site_slogan />">

or partial…

<meta name="description" content="<txp:site_slogan />. And the rest of your pithy description would go here.">

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