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Search result count



<txp:search_result_count />

The search_result_count tag is a single tag that returns the number of (live) articles returned by an article tag.

  • Wrap with if_search tags to count search results.
  • Use in a regular article list page by wrapping with if_article_list to count articles in that section.
  • Use on the front (default) page to count the number of articles in sections with On default page set to Yes.


Tag will accept the following attributes (case-sensitive) as well as the global attributes :

Text to display with the number of matches.
Default: articles found.


Example 1: Display number of search matches or articles in current section

    <txp:search_result_count />
<txp:else />
        <txp:search_result_count text="articles" />

<txp:article />

If the visitor is searching for articles, it will show the number of articles that matched the search term (e.g. 5) as follows: 5 articles found. Otherwise, if Textpattern is displaying an article list, it will display the number of articles like this: 42 articles.

Note: The if_search conditional tag is required to recognize actual search results. Without it, the number of articles is returned by default.

Other tags used: article, if_search, if_article_list.

Example 2: Number of matches, using custom text

    <txp:search_result_count text="hits" />

Displays the number of articles returned (e.g. 5) as follows: 5 hits.

Other tags used: if_search_results.

Example 3: Regular (live) article count

    <txp:search_result_count text="articles" />
    <txp:article limit="20" />

Displays the number of articles in the current section, then displays them as an article listing, 20 per page.

Other tags used: article, if_article_list.

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