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<txp:link_to_prev />

The link_to_prev tag can be used as a single tag or a container tag to return the permanent URL of the previous article by posting date.

If used as a container tag, the HTML required to output a hyperlink is returned; if used as a single tag, only the URL itself is returned.


Tag will accept the following attributes (case-sensitive) as well as the global attributes :

Specifies Textpattern parameters that must be “inherited” by the article URL. For example, when used in a list article form on a category page index.php?c=somecat, <txp:permlink /> without context attribute will produce canonical .../title links, while <txp:permlink context /> produces .../title?c=somecat links. Useful jointly with the permlink tag in individual article forms when one needs to restrain navigation to the current article category (author, month, …).
Default: unset.
form="form name"
A form to parse previous article fields.
Default: unset.
Whether the content should be hyperlinked.
Values: 0 (no) or 1 (yes).
Default: 1.
Show the wrapped value even when no previous article exists.
Values: 0 (no) or 1 (yes).
Default: 0.


Example 1: Link to previous article using its title

<txp:link_to_prev wraptag="div" class="nav_prev">
    <txp:title />

Important: The <txp:link_to_prev> tag automatically has its container context set to the previous article. Thus to retrieve the article title of this article, use the <txp:title /> tag and not the <txp:prev_title /> tag. Using the latter tag in the <txp:link_to_prev> container would ‘skip’ an article title. Compare this usage to Example 3 where the single tag is used and the <txp:prev_title /> is therefore appropriate to fetch information from the previous document.

Other tags used: prev_title, title.

Example 2: Link to previous article using static text

<txp:link_to_prev showalways="1">

or to display the text in the current site language:

<txp:link_to_prev showalways="1">
    <txp:text item="prev" />

This will always display the text ‘Previous’, even when there is no previous article.

Note: While showalways will enable this tag to display what is wrapped inside it, prev_title returns nothing if there is no previous title, so nothing is displayed. Use fixed text instead in this case.

The container tag returns only a very basic link, which doesn’t allow for customising the link title. Using the tag in its single tag capacity opens up more possibilities.

To give the link an HTML title attribute of the previous article’s title:

<a class="link--prev" href="<txp:link_to_prev />" title="<txp:prev_title />">
    ← Previous article

Other tags used: prev_title.


Version 4.7.2

context attribute added.

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