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The comment_web tag can be used as either a single or a container tag. Thus it may be used as an opening and closing pair:

    …containing statements…

It is used to display (a link to) the commenter’s web address, if entered at the time of posting. When used as a container tag, it will turn the contents into a link to that web address. Otherwise, it will return the web address. Should be used in Textpattern ‘comment’ type Form templates.


This tag has no attributes of its own. It accepts only the global attributes .


<txp:comment_message />
    By <txp:comment_name /> at <txp:comment_time />,
    <a href="<txp:comment_web />">Visit their website</a>

Other tags used: comment_message, comment_name, comment_time.

Example 2: Container example


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