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Comment name



<txp:comment_name />

The comment_name tag is a single tag which is used to display a link using the commenter’s name as text. If an email address is supplied and allowed to be viewed, an email link is created. Otherwise, if a website is entered, the website URL is used. If neither is supplied, the name displays as plain text.

Commenter’s name and/or email address can be set as a requirement. Should be used in Textpattern ‘comment’ type Form templates.


This Tag will accept the following attributes (case-sensitive) as well as the global attributes :

Make text a link to the author’s URL/email (depending on the information given).
Values: 0 (no) or 1 (yes).
Default: 0.


Example 1: Comments display form

<txp:comment_message />
    <txp:comment_name />
    <txp:comment_time />
        <txp:comment_id />

Other tags used: comment_id, comment_message, comment_permlink, comment_time.

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