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Download link shortcode

Shortcode for a file download snippet with optional SHA256 checksum and including Schema.org microdata.


Forms to create

Create a file type Form template and name it files, with the following code:

<section itemscope itemtype="https://schema.org/DataDownload">
    <h6>File download</h6>
    <p><a href="<txp:file_download_link />" itemprop="url"><span itemprop="name"><txp:file_download_name /></span></a></p>
        <txp:evaluate test>
            <div itemprop="description"><txp:file_download_description /></div>
        File size
        <span itemprop="contentSize"><txp:file_download_size format="k" decimals="0" /></span>
        <span role="separator">|</span>
        <time datetime="<txp:file_download_created format="iso8601" />" itemprop="dateCreated"><txp:file_download_created format="%d %b %Y" /></time>
        <txp:if_yield name="sha256">
            <span role="separator">|</span>
            SHA256 checksum
            <code><txp:yield name="sha256" /></code>

Create a misc type Form template and name it media_file, with the following code:

<txp:if_yield name="category">
    <txp:file_download_list category='<txp:yield name="category" />' limit="1" break="" sort="created desc" />
<txp:else />
    <txp:file_download filename='<txp:yield name="filename" />' />

Short-tag to use

Add this short-tag where you want the download link to appear:

<txp::media_file category="" filename="" sha256="" />

category and filename are interchangeable (use one or the other, where appropriate) - if both are provided then category is used in preference and filename is ignored. sha256 (SHA256 checksum hash) is optional, but should be provided if possible. If not used, remove this attribute from your shortcode.

Example usage

<txp::media_file category="current-release-zip" sha256="a868c05fc37108f2bb5e878cfbcdc61a82ce2646c4676cccb8105a6c6277be7a" />

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