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<txp:link_description />

The link_description tag is a single tag which is used to return the text from the ‘Description’ field as defined within the Links panel. This tag is used in a ‘links’ type form or inside a linklist container tag to display information about the current link.


Tag will accept the following attributes (case-sensitive):

Escape HTML entities such as <, > and &.
Values: See the tag escaping documentation for all possible values.
Default: html.

Common presentational attributes

These attributes, which affect presentation, are shared by many tags. Note that default values can vary among tags.

class="class name"
HTML class to apply to the wraptag attribute value.
Default: tag name or unset (see class cross-reference).
Label prepended to item.
Default: unset (but see label cross-reference for exceptions).
HTML element to wrap (markup) label, specified without brackets (e.g. labeltag="h3").
Default: unset.
HTML element to wrap around description, specified without brackets (e.g. wraptag="div").
Default: unset (but see wraptag cross-reference for exceptions).


    <txp:link />
    <br />
    <txp:link_description />

Other tags used: link.


Version 4.0.7

Default value for escape attribute changed from ‘unset’ to html.

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