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Link date



<txp:link_date />

The link_date tag is a single tag which returns the date the link was created as text. This tag is used in a ‘links’ type form or inside the linklist container tag to display information about the current link.


Tag will accept the following attributes (case-sensitive) as well as the global attributes :

format="format string"
Override the default date format set in the Preferences panel.
Values: any valid strftime string values, since, iso8601 (ISO 8601 reference), w3cdtf (W3CDTF reference), or rfc822 (RFC 822 reference).
Default: the ‘Date format’ set in preferences.
Return either local time (according to the set time zone preferences) or GMT.
Values: 0 (local time) or 1 (GMT).
Default: 0.
lang="ISO language code"
Format time string suitable for the specified language (locale).
Values: locales adhere to ISO-639.
Default: unset (time format set in the Preferences panel.


<a class="awesome-links" href="<txp:link_url />">
    <txp:link_name escape="html" />:
(<txp:link_date />)

Other tags used: link_name, link_url.

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