Image list

Deprecated in Textpattern 4.4.0 (it was renamed to images tag)

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<txp:image_list />

The image_list tag is a single or container tag that Textpattern will use to gather a list of matching images uploaded via the Textpattern images panel.

If used as a container tag, it must be specified as an opening and closing pair of tags, like this:

    …contained statements…

This is equivalent to putting the contained statements into a form named ‘my_form’ and using <txp:image_list form="my_form" />.

By default, the tag is context-sensitive, which means that in the absence of any other filter attributes (id, name, category, author, realname, extension, thumbnail), it will grab a list of image IDs from the currently viewed article’s article_image field. If it finds nothing there, it will check the URL to see if there is a category list in progress. If it finds nothing there too, the tag will display nothing. See the auto_detect attribute for further information.


Version 4.4.0

Tag support removed (it was renamed to images tag).

Version 4.3.0

Tag support added.

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