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The if_plugin tag is a conditional tag and always used as an opening and closing pair, like this…

    …conditional statement…

The tag will execute the contained statements if the name attribute matches a currently installed and enabled plugin, and the current version number is equal to or greater than the version attribute assigned (if used).


Tag will accept the following attributes (case-sensitive):

Plugin name as defined on the Plugins panel.
Minimum plugin version number.
Default: unset.


Example 1: Check plugin exists before using a tag

<txp:if_plugin name="com_connect" version="4.6">
    <txp:com_connect to="recipient@example.com" />

Applies the tag <txp:com_connect /> if the ‘com_connect’ plugin is installed, activated, and the version number is equal to or greater than 4.6. Version numbering supports semantic versioning, for example…


…means equal to or greater than version @4.6@ (i.e. @4.6.1@, @4.7@, @5@).


Version 4.3.0

ver attribute deprecated and renamed version.

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