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<txp:category2 />

The category2 tag can be used as either a single tag or container tag. It will display the category as defined by Category 2 in the article being displayed. When used as a container tag, it will turn the contents into a link to that category. Otherwise, it will return plain text.

This tag may be used within either an article form, or in a page, wrapped in an if_individual_article conditional tag.


Tag will accept the following attributes (case-sensitive) as well as the global attributes :

Whether to link to articles from the same category. Works only in the single tag.
Values: 0 (no) or 1 (yes).
Default: 0.
section="section name" v4.0.4+
Restrict to articles from specified section(s).
Values: (comma separated list of) section name(s).
Default: unset, retrieves from all sections.
Whether to output category title, rather than name.
Values: 0 (no, use name) or 1 (yes, use title).
Default: 0.
this_section="boolean" v4.0.4+
Whether to only link to articles from the section containing the current article.
Values: 0 (no, allow from any section) or 1 (yes).
Default: 0.


Example 1: Category name in plain text

    <txp:category2 />

Example 2: Hyperlinked category title

    <txp:category2 link title />

If category2 is defined with a title ‘Security advice’, this tag will display the words ‘Security advice’ as a hyperlink to a list of articles in the same category.

<txp:category2 wraptag="p">Other articles in category:
<txp:category2 title /></txp:category2>

Might display this HTML:

    <a rel="tag" href="https://example.com/category/security-advice/">
        Other articles in category: Security advice

Example 4: Category 1 and 2

    Filed in: <txp:category1 link title />
    <txp:if_article_category number="2">
        and <txp:category2 link title />

Shows a hyperlinked category 1, and also hyperlinked category 2 but only if it is used.

Other tags used: category1, if_article_category.


Version 4.0.4

class, section, this_section and wraptag attributes added.

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