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Visitor logs panel

The Visitor logs panel is where you can monitor who (web surfers) and what (spambots, search engine spiders, etc.) visits your site. Although the information is not all-encompassing, it is detailed enough for keeping an eye on traffic behaviour. Note: This panel is only available if you have turned on logging functionality in the Preferences panel.

On this page:

Search function

Because the visitor logs list can get pretty long, a search function is available at the top of the list. You can use the search function to locate a visitor log directly by a search phrase or to filter the view on your visitor logs by particular criteria, thus reducing the number of visitor logs in the resulting list.

The Search function has two components:

  1. A text field for entering the search query
  2. A drop-down list to specify which area is to be searched

Text entered in the textarea will be treated as a complete phrase (see the Articles panel documentation for full details on this).

After entering your search criteria you start searching by selecting the search button. As a result you will be given a new list of visitor logs which meet the criteria.

As a default the search will find matches for all criteria. But you can do more refined searches by selecting another area to search in via the drop-down list toggle button.

List of existing visitor logs

Beneath the search area there is the table, or list, of existing visitor logs. Each row is one visit. If you select the header of a column, it will sort the list according to that column. Select again to reverse sort direction.

Perform changes on selected visitor logs

In the first column you will find a checkbox for each visitor log. Here you can select visitor logs you want to delete in a bulk manner. You can mark visitor logs by checking the checkbox or you can use the checkbox in the head bar of the list to mark all visitor logs on that page.

In order to quickly select ranges of visitor logs select the checkbox of the first visitor log you want to mark, press and hold the Shift key, then select the checkbox of the last visitor log in the range. All visitor logs between will be checked too. You can add ranges to your selection by repeating these steps.

For performing changes now you go to the drop-down list ‘With selected…’ and choose the function you want to perform. After selecting the options you want to perform press ‘Go’ to start the changes.

Pages and visitor logs listed per page

At the very bottom of the list you will find a pagination and links for next and previous pages if there are more pages. You can also change the number of visitor logs listed per page by selecting another value from the number range.

If you notice any kind of problem with this page's construction or content (outdated information, typos, broken links, or whatever), open an issue to have it sorted. Or have a go at it yourself. :)