FAQ: How to reset an admin password

There are a few ways to reset a Textpattern password:

  • Visit the admin-side login page and click Forgot password? then submit your username. Instructions for resetting it will be sent to the email address stored in your Textpattern user account.
  • If you cannot remember your login name or do not have access to the email address any more, a Publisher can reset any user’s password. Provided there’s at least one publisher who can log in, ask them to reset your password for you and/or change your email address details.
  • If you’re the only user with Publisher privileges (or the only Textpattern user at all), and need to change your password, you’ll need to access the database directly. This guide is for you.

Resetting the password via SQL

Most web hosting accounts provide direct MySQL access using a program called phpMyAdmin (or an equivalent). Some provide command line access to an SQL environment. If you’re not sure how to access MySQL, ask your hosting company’s tech support.

Within phpMyAdmin, or at the MySQL command prompt, run the following query if you’re using any version of MySQL below v8.0:

UPDATE txp_users SET pass=PASSWORD('my_pass') WHERE name='user';

where my_pass is the new password, and user is the login username of the account you wish to change.

If your host is running MySQL v8.0 or higher, you will not be able to use the PASSWORD() function. Use the following query instead:

UPDATE txp_users SET pass=CONCAT('*', SHA1(UNHEX(SHA1('my_pass')))) WHERE name='user';

Once you have executed one of the above statements, you will be able to login to Textpattern with your username and new password.

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